Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Recycled Promotional Gifts

The UK generates a vast amount of plastic waste every year, in excess of 2.8 million tonnes. This is expected to rise by over 2% in the next year. With ECO quickly becoming the ethical solution, promotional products made from recycled plastic are becoming more and more popular. Recycled is the buzz word.
Now you can get promotional key rings from recycled plastic, pencils from recycled paper, t-shirts from plastic bottles, promotional rulers and promotional fridge magnets all made using recycled vending cups. These have become increasingly popular within the business gift industry.
This fresh approach within the promotional industry for Eco Incentives not only shows the companies social responsibility, but also a corporate responsibility. With environmental issues constantly hitting the headlines, ECO giveaways can be a double whammy in promoting a company.

It is quickly becoming an important part of the promotional industry Supplying promotional items and business gifts which are ecologically sound and environmentally aware today. Basically, you can take an everyday household throwaway item and turn it into a Promotional product. Promotional gifts are seen to be ecologically sound for any environmentally aware business.
With a recognised need to protect our trees, recycled paper as been an obvious choice for the promotional industry for quite a few years. One tonne of paper that is recycled can save 18 mature trees from unnecessary destruction. A less obvious choice to recycle and produce business gifts from is tyres, yes old tyres. These can be made into promotional pencil cases, promotional coasters and promotional mouse mats.
Education in recycling is now really starting from the grass roots. All schools constantly promote and educate their children in environmental issues and the value of recycling.
Remember today’s plastic bottle is tomorrow t-shirt, so recycle.


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