Monday, 3 October 2011

Promotional Mugs – Drinking your way to a better business

Promotional Mugs – Drinking your way to a better business

Mugs are practical and useful in many ways.
It has always been a popular product in the promotional industry. What better way to advertise your company, on an item that is constantly used in a working environment for tea and coffee.

Printed mugs have a minimum qty as low as 108 and here at Which Promotional Gifts we have various designs and sizes to suit all needs. With its large print area, on both sides, it’s an eye catching product that will get your company logo recognised. Printed mugs can also be used for fundraising.

Printed Promotional Mugs make a great giveaway product. They are practical, low cost and people often become attached to “their” mug that they use daily.

Promotional Mugs come in a number of materials including ceramic, bone china and plastic. You have a range of different colours but White is the most popular.

Mugs can be printed 1 colour print up to 4 colour process. There are many different methods of printing promotional mugs: direct screen printing, transfer printing, digital printing and Dye Sublimation. The method of printing will all depend on the logo, the material and the lead-time.

Printed mugs can be turned round in as little as 5 days. So this also makes them a best seller. Allot of customers would appreciate a product that is so useful.

Make Printed Mugs your choice and your gift will make a difference to your business.


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    1. Promotional mugs can be made to have certain features customized onto them, and this can be found either in design, form or an image which appears on the mug.

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