Thursday, 17 December 2009

Promotional Gifts Seasons

Festive promotional gifts were a very traditional part of UK business for many years. Promotional gift companies could always rely on a big increase in sales figures in the last quarter of the year.

I more recent years the business has been spread more evenly over the year with peeks and troughs due to seasonal and financial reasons. For instance, the summer gives a different promotional gift push, T-shirts, flip flops, beach towels etc. The winter best sellers can be fleeces, ice scrapers and hand warmers. And let’s face it the UK climate can literally appeal all year round to the promotional umbrella. The festive gifts can be sleek pens, fancy clocks to personalised cards.

Financial years can also reflect in sales, especially if you have an abundance of public sector clients. End of year budgets need to be spent, last minute panic spending does happen.

Golf season and company golf days are always a big appeal for the golf accessories and clothing within the promotional gifts industry.

Major sports events can have a massive push on sales especially if they are in the UK. The 2012 Olympics will have a major boost on the UK promotional gifts market. The 2010 World Cup although in South Africa can also be a major boost on promotional gift sales especially if England have a good tournament and create a feel good factor.


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